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Hoosier Burn Camp brings confidence to Camby teenager

Hoosier Burn Camp brings confidence to Camby teenager

CAMBY, Ind. (WISH) — Hoosier Burn Camp is a place where burn survivors can be themselves in a supportive environment. The camp connects people who have suffered similar trauma and has helped 14-year-old Daniel Lynch gain confidence.

It’s been a tough road for Lynch. At six months old, he was burned in Kenya. Burn survivors typically have six to 10 reconstructive surgeries.

Nurses from Indiana University brought him to Riley Children’s Hospital at IU Health for treatment. That’s when he met his first host family and soon after his new family.

Right now, the teenager is homeschooled. He enjoys going to camp every year. He says it gives him the chance to gain friendships and build up self-assurance to attend high school next year.

But difficult times along the way forced Lynch to feel lonely.

“When I was coming through about 4th grade, I got just really irritated with people asking me. So, I started making up the worst things possible to scare them away and it really worked,” he said. “I kind of separated myself from other people because I was afraid of what they were going to think about me.”

Firefighters and first responders are typically counselors. The 14-year-old’s favorite is John Sego, an Indianapolis firefighter. Lynch hopes one day he can be a counselor.

The nonprofit’s 5th Annual Masquerade Ball is Feb. 15 at the Conrad. All of the funds raised support year-round free activities for burn survivors and their families.

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