Hoosiers vary on willingness to take steps towards reopening

Carmel, IND. (WISH) — Governor Eric Holcomb announced on Wednesday that Indiana will take a “cautious step forward” towards reopening as he announced plans for Phase 4.5 of the Back On Track Indiana plan.

While Marion County will not move forward quite as soon as other counties across the state, for those that are in areas that are entering the next phase this weekend there seems to be a split on who is ready and who says we need to take a step back.

In Hamilton County there seems to be a lot of variation when it comes to how people feel about moving forward.

“Most people are just really excited for normal life,” said Kate Shaughnessy, Carmel business owner.

“I have mixed feelings about it,” said April McCullum who lives in Westfield.

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“Until we have a vaccine we are in this,” said David Surette who lives in Carmel.

Even for those who say they are ready for the restrictions to be lifted they think some things will need to change.

“I think people need to be washing their hands more, being more conscious of touching things, touching their faces just in general,” said Shaughnessy.

As other states have either paused or slowed their reopening plans due to a surge in cases some are wondering why Indiana is continuing to push forward.

“In Arizona they lifted the restrictions back in May because they didn’t have many positive cases and now it is one of the leading states. It’ll catch up to them and it won’t go away,” said Surette.

With differing rules and regulation between states, counties, and cites, many are finding it is becoming more challenging to know what you can and can’t do.

“You go from store to store and it is different and some want you to wear a mask before you come in, there are age restrictions on some stores you can’t have kids.But then other places are different and they don’t require that you have that maybe their employees aren’t even wearing a mask,” said McCullum.

Leaders in Hamilton County say they will continue to encourage safety precautions despite the state continuing to move forward.

“We need to continue to wear a mask, physically distance, take care of our neighbors and our elderly until we have a vaccine,” said Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard.

The majority of the state will enter Phase 4.5 of Indiana’s Back On Track reopening plan on July 4.