How to keep your lawn green and plants healthy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Summer is here and the heat, combined with a lack of rain, is causing a lot of lawns to turn ugly.

Cale Bigelow, a horticulture and landscape architecture professor from Purdue University, says there are a few ways to keep your yard looking presentable as the summer progresses.

June is typically one of the wetter months, but because of the lack of rain and beaming sun, these two factors contribute to browning grass. Although they are contributing factors, Bigelow says plants need water to access nutrients and rain isn’t the only way they can get water.

“If you haven’t watered your lawn, your plants are fairly resilient, so allowing them to go dormant, as long as there’s no traffic on the grass, usually, you’re not gonna lose the grass,” Bigelow said.

Watering your grass consistently, every day if possible, is important to keep your grass healthy, according to Bigelow but the time of day is key.

Bigelow says the rule of thumb for watering your grass is to do so between 4 to 6 a.m.

“You don’t have washing machines and everything else, and a lot of the irrigation systems are designed to throw a certain distance of water. And if you don’t have the pressure to do that, you get inconsistencies.”

Another thing Bigelow emphasizes is to not stress your lawn, not cut it too closely, and keep it two to four inches.

Researchers at Purdue encourage homeowners to look into a turf type called tall fescue that can be picked up at local garden centers. Tall fescue is for residents who don’t have a sprinkler system or choose not to purchase one.

Bigelow also has also offered advice on taking care of your plants, flowers, and more.

One sign our plants and trees are in need is when their leaves start to turn brown and wilted.

Overwatering in these conditions is still likely, Bigelow says and it will show once your plant starts changing. Just like the lawn, the best time to water your plants is in the morning. Bigelow says that makes it possible for the plant to stay hydrated throughout the day.