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Howl + Hide’s new veg-tanned leather collection will have you blushing

(Provided Photo/Harrison Howzen)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — If you’re in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis today, September 23, there’s a ceramics pop-up event from Alley Cat Ceramics happening at Howl + Hide that you won’t want to miss. From 12-4 p.m., you can explore the exquisite world of sustainable luxury, featuring Blush, one of six exclusive colors developed in collaboration with their tannery in New York. But what makes Blush and Howl + Hide’s products so special? Let’s dive in.

Blushing with Sustainability

At the heart of Howl + Hide’s exquisite leather products is a commitment to eco-conscious craftsmanship. Their Blush collection is crafted from vegetable-tanned leather, a method that utilizes organic matter such as sticks, leaves, and tree bark to create the leather color. This natural process not only results in exceptionally high-quality leather but also significantly reduces the environmental impact of leather production.

What sets Blush apart is that it’s part of the exclusive 10% of the leather industry that employs this environmentally friendly method. While many brands opt for chemical-intensive tanning processes, Howl + Hide takes a different, sustainable path, ensuring that your fashion choices align with your eco-friendly values.

A World of Exclusive Colors

Blush is just one gem in Howl + Hide’s treasure trove. Their commitment to exclusivity is evident in the fact that they’ve developed not one but six unique colors exclusively for their brand. These colors have been meticulously created in collaboration with their trusted tannery in New York.

When you choose a product from Howl + Hide, you’re not just getting a functional accessory; you’re acquiring a piece of artistry and exclusivity. Each color tells a story, reflecting the brand’s dedication to offering something truly special to their customers.

Unleash Your Style

What’s even more enticing is that all of Howl + Hide’s stock products are available in these six new colors. Whether you’re in the market for a wallet, a purse, new outfit, or a backpack, you’ll have a wide array of options to choose from within this exclusive color palette. This means you can find the perfect accessory to match your style while also contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

For a blend of luxury, sustainability, and exclusivity, Howl + Hide’s Blush collection is your answer. Head to their pop-up event today, or any day, in Fountain Square to witness the magic of vegetable-tanned leather and explore their exclusive color range. Don’t just buy fashion; invest in a sustainable statement piece that will leave you blushing with pride.