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Hundreds in Indianapolis gather to support Israel

Hundreds in Indianapolis gather to support Israel

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It was a somber event Monday night at the Beth-El Zedeck synagogue as members of the Indianapolis Jewish community came together to show support for Israel and mourn the death of family and friends in a weekend of violence in the nation.

The Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council and the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis invited the community to come. The event drew hundreds.

Members of the Jewish community said the war affects them all.

“It’s been a horrible 56 hours,” Michele Boukai said. “We have a lot of family and friends in Israel and so we started getting messages and calls almost immediately and it’s been horrible. It’s been really horrendous dark days listening to everything that’s been going on in Israel.”

Michele and her husband, Gadi Boukai, have a daughter in Israel. They are in contact with her, and she is unharmed, but they have suffered other losses from the war.

“And they entered basically every house and they were killing and shooting at families,” Michele said. “They kidnapped babies, young children, elderly people and they dragged them back to Gaza.”

Gadi grew up in Israel. He said this violence against Israelis is worse than the Six-Day War in 1967.

“It’s a huge number, and the majority of them are civilians including 250 young people who were dancing in the fields of the Kibbutzim,” Gadi said.

The Boukais said public support for Israel is important, or else, as they say, Israel stands alone in the fight.

“We need the support of the general community and seeing here some dignitaries and people that are not from the Jewish community, coming stepping forward to show up as a support, that was supper important for us,” Gadi said.

The Jewish Federation of North America is asking for donations to the Israel Crisis Fund. All proceeds are set to support Israel directly.

Statement from Plainfield, Indiana-based Islamic Society of North America

“The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is deeply saddened by the recent outbreak of war and violence in the Holy Land and Gaza, resulting in the loss of life of hundreds and injury to thousands. ISNA calls for an immediate end to the violence, and we stand in deep solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Palestine, who are now witnessing heavy and extensive bombardment of their towns and cities in Gaza.

“Furthermore, we call on the international community to uphold its duty under the United Nations charter and aim to bring peace and stability to a conflict that has been raging for decades. We also urge the United States to reconsider its one-sided and unconditional support for Israel, which enables the latter to maintain its occupation and apartheid system with impunity. These systems of occupation and apartheid, which the Israeli government defends and has maintained for decades, are clear and egregious violations of international law and stand in sharp contrast to the values of life, liberty, and freedom that we, as Americans, hold dear.

“It is unacceptable for us to discuss this conflict while ignoring the root cause of this ongoing crisis, which is the daily and systematic oppression and persecution of millions of Palestinians in their homeland. One cannot expect a way forward without addressing the ongoing blockage of Gaza, the occupation of Palestinian land and property, and the daily human rights abuses perpetuated by Israeli authorities.

“We stand in deep solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters during this time, and we can call on all parties and governments around the world to exert pressure on Israel to cease its violence and war on the Palestinian people.”

The Islamic Society of North America

From Jewish Federation of Indianapolis

The Jewish Federation of Indianapolis has called upon the community to help support the people of Israel.

The organization shared ways that community members can safely help send aid to Israel during the fighting intensifies.

To support the relief efforts

  • The Jewish Federations of North America has opened an Israel Crisis Fund raise essential dollars for those in need, which will be distributed swiftly through their partners on the ground, including through the Fund for Victims of Terror.
  •  Donate online or to these organizations as well: United Hatzalah, and Magen David Adom

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