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IMPD cracking down on street racing and spinning this weekend

IMPD cracking down on street racing and spinning

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department will have extra patrols on the streets after investigators learned of planned street racing and spinning activities this weekend.

IMPD says officers will be deployed to try and crack down on these illegal activities.

“There is some information that is possibly going to be some increased activities,” said Lt. Shane Foley, a Public Information Officer with IMPD.

Street racers have been known to drive at speeds over 100 miles per hour — Indiana State Police once stopped a driver going 186 mph on I-465. Car spinning is a competition between drivers to do donuts and can close down a public street, highway, or parking lot.

“We certainly encourage businesses to have a trespass agreement with IMPD which gives our officers an additional resource,” said Foley. “They can post no trespassing signs and they can block off the entrances with rope or barricades.”

IMPD said street racing and spinning are dangerous for everyone, both those participating and bystanders who get caught up in street takeovers.

“In one situation recently, an individual had a broken leg,” said Foley. “The individual was outside of the vehicle and got struck by the vehicle, but we’ve heard situations from across the country where people are hanging on to a vehicle and they fall off and get stuck or oftentimes are standing outside the vehicles and get struck by the vehicles which certainly could result in serious bodily injury or death.”

Those caught doing these illegal activities can face jail time.

“It’s frustrating that members of our community and members of other communities that come to Indianapolis are engaged in this irresponsible behavior and that our officers are having to respond to this,” said Foley. “It’s something that we expect more of people, and this weekend, people can expect more from IMPD.”

IMPD did not share specific locations or areas for the public to avoid this weekend because these groups travel across the city, but said officers will be out in full force to stop street racing and spinning.

Anyone with information or who witnesses street racing or spinning is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS (8477).