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IMPD officer cleaning up memorial shared on TikTok

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer’s “kindness,” “generosity” and “humanity” is spreading on TikTok.

Users of the social media platform are applauding his actions caught on camera recently by TikTok user Kaleb Hall.


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♬ original sound – Kaleb Hall

It shows an officer, later identified by IMPD as Officer Jeff Stagg, picking up trash near an intersection. The intersection is Lynhurst Drive and Rockville Road on the west side of Indianapolis.  The memorial is in front of the McClure Oil gas station.

A man stops him in his car and says he noticed the officer cleaning up.

Officer Stagg explains the location is the memorial site of a woman named Shelby who was killed at the intersection nearly 20 years ago. This memorial is in the middle of his patrol and he wanted to make sure it stayed clean and that she isn’t forgotten or disrespected.

Hall thanks the officer, drives off and then shared the video online.

The comments are full of heart and tearful emojis, calling him an officer with a beautiful heart, saying God bless him and that it makes them feel good to watch it.
Some mention they cried with others saying they hoped the video showing the officer’s act goes viral.

Someone also commented saying they know this story and that they were friends with Shelby back in 1998 when they were 12.