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IMPD shows off use of force training

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Local media members were invited to partake in use of force training given to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police force officers.

“The media communicates a lot of what IMPD does, so we think its important to offer the opportunity, to get a better understanding of use of force, our use of force principals, why we do what we do, a little bit of seeing what we do, and experiencing it,” IMPD Public Information Officer Lt. Shane Foley said.

Among them, a “use of force” simulator, where participants play the role of a police officer. They have just seconds to determine whether to fire on a hostile suspect during a traffic stop.

Participants also conducted a live traffic stop, arresting a “suspect” who had an outstanding warrant.

“Our number one goal, is persuasion. We do not want to use force. Force is only going to be used as a last resort, so its persuade, persuade, persuade,” IMPD Sgt. Michael Dailey said.

When force is necessary, Sgt. Dailey said that time and distance have a lot to do with how force is applied. A taser for example, isn’t effective at close range, but a hard empty hand is.

“Is it actually feasible or possible for us to train an officer or employee to every scenario that they are going to encounter. Even if we had two years of training, I would say no,” Dailey said.

Dailey adds that IMPD is preparing to change some of its training with the passage of two state laws.

House Bill 1296 no longer requires Hoosiers to obtain a permit to carry a handgun. Senate Bill 294 sets statewide standards on certain use of force methods.