IMPD to end use of no-knock warrants

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department will no longer use no-knock warrants.

On Wednesday, IMPD Chief Randal Taylor announced that the department will no longer use the practice.

The department originally suspended the use of the warrants on Friday, July 17.

“Our continued dialogue with residents has allowed us to better understand what they expect of us as a police department, and make changes that benefit all in our community,” said Chief Taylor. “Ending the authorization of no-knock warrants is a significant step for IMPD, one that has been championed by the men and women of this agency, as well as the neighbors they serve.”

According to a release from the city of Indianapolis, a no-knock warrant is an order that allows law enforcement officials to enter someone’s property without knocking and announcing their presence or purpose for their visit in situations where an announcement may lead to evidence destruction or concern for safety.


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