Indiana Grown: Nature’s Tea Company

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each and every Saturday, WISH-TV highlights a local company together with our partners at Indiana Grown.

This week’s guest is Kevin Gross from Nature’s Tea Company.

“We started making teas when our children were small and just to give them an alternative from a sugary drink, and we will add fruit and different things. My background in chemistry wasn’t tea, but that was something that you know we always enjoyed and so fast forward we decided to open a store on 16th street and that’s where we started and people enjoy the brews. “Next thing you know we started making this one which is the Hibiscus Sangria and it’s in stores.” We started out at Georgetown Market here locally, and we sell our brews in Indianapolis and Chicago,” Gross said.

We’ve come a long way from the tea that comes in the box. “So now we have a lot of different flavors. We use a lot of dried fruit, so that gives you some of the sweetness without having the sugar. So when you mix the different teas with different fruits, you get a nice brew that you can consume, kids love. It’s very healthy for you,” Gross said.

You are able to get a deal with Nature’s Tea Company by going to their website. Any of their loose leaf teas are available for purchase. Type in WISH2022 in the discount code, and you will get 20 percent off of your entire order.

Nature’s Tea Company has a wide variety of tea options that are great for everyone to enjoy. The store has over 50 different flavors of tea.

“You can come in and experience, and pick what you like. Mix and match, and we sell it by the ounce,” Gross said.

“Teas are in the herb family. Herbs are very good for you.” Yes, a lot of healing powers. Teas themselves have a lot of antioxidants, so that’s also good for your body to kill free radicals. So a lot of people who drink teas they think to extend your life. I like to think that could happen. “So that’s why we promote teas,” Gross said.

They are located at 6210 La Pas Trail, Indianapolis, IN, 46268.