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Indiana Sciences is challenging Hoosiers to become citizen scientists during quarantine

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana Sciences is challenging people across the state to get outside, connect with nature and become citizen scientists.

It’s all part of the City Nature Challenge, a global effort to help document biodiversity in urban cities by asking people to upload photos of wildlife found in their communities.

The Circle City currently has more than 2,100 observations that have been documented since the challenge began on Friday. Normally, the challenge is a contest between participating cities to see who has the most observations, but because of COVID-19, organizers say this year is about the healing power that nature can have while allowing people to partake at a safe social distance.

To take part in the challenge you first need to find wildlife which can be a plant, insect, flower or animal. Then, snap a picture and upload your photo to the iNaturalist app or website.

The challenge ends April 27 and then scientists will comb through submissions to help identify what was found.