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Indiana Wesleyan University acquires Eleven Fifty Academy, plans to continue operations

(Provdided Photo/Eleven Fifty Academy)

MARION, Ind. (WISH) — Indiana Wesleyan University has received approval from its board of trustee to acquire key assets of the Eleven Fifty Academy to expand tech education.

This approval will allow the program to continue providing Hoosiers a quick, proven way to ramp up their technical skills for future careers in the tech sector.

“The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, acting on behalf of the entire board, enthusiastically and unanimously approved the acquisition of key assets from Eleven Fifty Academy at today’s board meeting,” said Carl Shepherd, IWU Board of Trustees Chairman. “The University has a long and successful history of innovation in Higher Education. I am excited to watch as the administration works with local and state officials and the private sector to leverage the Academy to address the workforce needs today and in the future.”

The Indiana Wesleyan University will now shift its focus on hiring a managing director to oversee the nonprofit organization that will operate as an affiliate organization of IWU, according to a release.

“We believe strongly in developing programs that align with our commitment to academic excellence,” said Dr. Jon S. Kulaga, President of IWU. “The Eleven Fifty Academy acquisition of key assets supports our online and regional center strategy to provide lifelong learners opportunities to further their education and create a better life for themselves, their families, and our community. We strongly believe the Academy is a valuable resource in assisting Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb and his administration’s focus on addressing the workforce needs throughout the state of Indiana.”

John Qualls, a long-time tech business entrepreneur and a former executive at Eleven Fifty, will take interim lead during this transition.

IWU received the following assets as part of the deal: Eleven Fifty Academy’s curriculum, trademarks, trademarks, tradenames, domain names, and social media accounts. Responsibility for the continued education for students to complete their training in March will resume. IWU is not assuming any responsibility for its debt.