Indianapolis allies demand change at ‘White Silence is Violence’ march for racial equality

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Dozens of people took part Sunday in a “White Silence is Violence” march for racial equality hosted by Indiana Racial Justice Alliance and partner organization Allies For Action.

The march called on white allies to use their privilege to stand up for change and support the Black community’s fight for equality.

They were chanting demands starting at Cottage Community Park just east of downtown, through residential streets and to the Fraternal Order of Police building on Washington Street.

Dante Fratturo, a speaker for Indiana Racial Justice Alliance, said they won’t be satisfied until their requests are fulfilled.

“To defund IMPD (Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department) and refund the community, create an external review board, implement said review board and require the FOP to have their own liability insurance,” Fratturo said.

Elected and appointed officials discussed more funding to end systemic racism before the march. Speakers also shared words of encouragement to make the path to equality less daunting.

“It’s uncomfortable, it’s hard,” said Mary T. “Somebody gave a quote to me that I felt was really great: ‘To some giving up privilege feels like oppression,’ but it’s not. We’re just trying to level the playing field.”

The demonstration was also intended to educate participants and to further understand the needs of the Black community.

“Allies need to learn how to be good allies. There’s a lot of white energy that wants to do the right thing, but doesn’t know how and we’re doing that,” Fratturo mentioned.

“The joy I saw in the Black families we passed and the Black faces that we saw made the walking worth it,” Mary said.

Many white allies say their work to amplify Black and brown voices isn’t over yet, despite the instant gratification received.

Mary added, “The time is now; we have to capitalize on the energy that we have today and push forward during this.”

This was the Indiana Racial Justice Alliance and Allies For Action‘s first demonstration. The groups said they plan to have more in the near future.