Indianapolis couple cancels wedding due to virus restrictions

Indianapolis couple cancels wedding due to virus restrictions

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Ethan Rath and Stephanie Pitman were supposed to get married Friday, but due to government mandates calling for all events of 50 people or more to be canceled for the next eight weeks, the couple has had to rethink how and when they’ll say “I Do.”

They had every detail of their wedding planned out, from the seating arrangement to the flowers. Their dreams came crashing down when they found out the day they spent two years planning would have to be rescheduled.

“I had my backup plans for literally anything else. I had emergency dental cement in my emergency bag. I thought of everything other than pandemic,” said bride Stephanie Pitman.

The couple was forced to make the tough decision over the weekend.

“I just started to cry and at that point we were thinking that we need to cancel,” said Pitman.

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“We called every single one of our guests yesterday. It was a very rough day,” said groom Ethan Rath.

Jenny Crowe has been a wedding planner since 2014.

“No I have never seen anything like it. This is totally new to me, and I am sure to many other wedding vendors and venues,” said Crowe.

Crowe says that the entire wedding season will likely be affected by the pandemic.

“Especially with something this huge, it changes everything. And plans will be changing down to the wire for this wedding season,” said Crowe.

“Not many people get to plan a wedding twice to marry the same person,” said Pitman.

As of now, Rath and Pitman will get married Aug. 7 using all of their current vendors.

“Usually in a wedding situation, plan B is usually: If you are just having an outdoor wedding, what is your plan B? And this is totally new. We don’t know an end date. We don’t know when things will be back to normal, or when it will be OK to have large gatherings of people,” said Crowe.

“So although it is really tragic for us and heartbreaking, we are at least sure we are making the right decision for those that we love,” said Pitman.

Experts advise that anyone getting married through the end of May start to consider what will happen if your wedding is impacted by coronavirus mandates.