Indy Public Works crews work to fill potholes as winter nears end

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Driving around Indianapolis, Donald Main sometimes has to dodge potholes in the streets.

“Oh yeah. You gotta learn, remember where they’re at, so that you don’t blow a tire,” said Main, of Indianapolis.

Main has lived in the city for 18 years, and, on Wednesday, a Department of Public Works crew was filling several potholes right outside his neighborhood along Allisonville Road.

“That’s fantastic.” Main said after crews filled potholes near his home. “That’s fantastic. Glad to see that they can do it. The warm weather today is allowing it.”

On Wednesday, Public Works started using hot-mix asphalt to fix city streets although winter does not end until March 19.

Public Works says that type of asphalt is a more permanent pothole patch because it sticks to the pavement better. Plus, it’s more weather-resistant than cold mix.

Public Works also announced Wednesday that strip-patching will start this week, at these locations:

  • Missouri Street, from Morris to West streets.
  • 49th Street, from Meridian Street to Sunset Avenue.
  • Kentucky Avenue, from West to Morris streets.
  • Guion Road, from 38th to 52nd streets.

So far this year, Public Works crews have filled more than 22,000 potholes.

“With this rise in temperature, and you know we’re going to have another freeze, that’s what gets the water down in there; it freezes and heaves. I’m afraid we’ve got more to come unfortunately,” Main said.

Public Works crews stand ready for whatever Mother Nature brings. On Wednesday morning, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett said the city is prepared for pothole season.

Public Works says potholes are filled as requests are reported, with the first priority being those located on main thoroughfares that handle more traffic.

In a release Wednesday, Public Works Director Dan Parker said, “Hot mix asphalt is critical to allowing DPW to ramp up our street maintenance projects.

“Hot mix allows crews to not only more permanently patch potholes but also to begin strip-patching and eventually street resurfacing.”

Residents are encouraged to report potholes via the Request Indy website, the mobile app on iPhone or Android, or by calling the Mayor’s Action Center at (317) 327-4622.