Indianapolis honors, helps fund schools’ green projects

Indianapolis honors, helps fund schools’ green projects

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Celebrating schools for going green, the second annual Indianapolis Thriving Schools Challenge was Thursday at the Indiana State Museum.

The contest was designed to inspire students and schools to create projects that address topics including environmental stewardship, social responsibility, waste reduction, and conservation of resources.

The Indianapolis Office of Sustainability awards some of the projects funding to make them happen. This year, the project worked with about 38 schools and funded 20 projects.

Andres Rodriguez, a student at the International School of Indiana, said, “The big thing we do at our school is we have this club called Planet Warriors. It’s a club of fourth- and fifth-graders and every Friday they gather up and separate into groups. One group collects all the paper in the school. Another group collects all the recycling. And one group collects all the compost.”

More than 14,000 students will be impacted by the investments made this year.