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Indianapolis hosts its 20th Gen Con for 70,000 attendees

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Thousands of people from around the world are on their way here for the 20th Gen Con in Indianapolis.

Organizers are expecting around 70,000 people.

On Friday, thousands of people were outside the Indiana Convention Center for a block party that will help kick-off the four-day event.

It’s the first year the convention will be returning to pre-COVID-19 activities and requirements, which means no masks or proof of vaccination.

Beginning tomorrow, Gen Con will be offering its thousands of fans gaming, shopping, cosplaying, and food.

Organizers say there will be around 19,000 events including board games, card games, entertainment, and more.

“We love the fact that we feel to be such an integral part of Indianapolis and what goes on in the area,” said Stacia Kirby, spokesperson for Gen Con. “We’ve watched the convention center grow over the years and we’re looking to see the expansion again of the area as we grow Indianapolis convention is growing,”

“You can spend the entire weekend just trying out games and playing games,” said Loren Coleman, the owner of Catalyst Game Lab. “We’re here to just show stuff off. You don’t have to buy anything. You can search for the perfect game, or if you’re a major gamer, you can fill your trunk full of awesome products that’s debuting here at the show.”

Gen Con also offers thousands of games and events that will be available online for those who want to participate in the event virtually.

Earlier this week, News 8’s Camila Fernandez spoke with a couple of business owners who said Gen Con makes a huge positive impact on their businesses thanks to all the foot traffic.

The event will wrap up Sunday.