Indianapolis mobile barber giving free haircuts to the homeless

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – James Burrell has a one-of-a-kind business. The barber tells News 8 he’s been cutting hair out of a shop for nine years, but now wants to be innovative. Burrell owns In The Cut Mobile Barbershop and cuts hair inside of a parked van.

He considers himself being a multi-cultural barber and will drive to anyone who needs a fresh haircut. There’s a barber chair and a washbowl inside the mobile unit to provide full services. Burrell said he plans to add more amenities in the near future. The business planned to roll out this spring but was set back due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The In The Cut Mobile Barbershop owner said it’s still a work in progress. Burrell wants to give free haircuts to the homeless every Wednesday and Sunday.

“I think a haircut changes a person’s life. You catch the right person at the right time and give them that service, as well as just a little starter kit,” said Burrell. “Outfits, shoes, a fresh haircut, it might re-spark them. You never know what their story is or what they’ve been through, but everybody that you see out here hasn’t always been out here so a haircut might change the whole situation.”

The mobile barber said he plans to park outside of shelters to give free haircuts and help any homeless person he sees while on the road.

Burrell mentioned he wants to expand his business by adding three vans and hire more barbers by the end of the year.