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Indianapolis Moms: Postpartum depression in new parents

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) –May is Maternal Mental Health Month. Medical experts say postpartum depression doesn’t just happen to moms, but dads can also experience it after a child is born.

Indianapolis Mom Contributor, Dr. Lindsay Moore, joined us on Wednesday’s Daybreak to speak more about the topic and how parents can navigate their shifting realities after birth.

“Maternal mental health deals with the fact that as soon you’re postpartum, you think that you will forever be postpartum. But in the first year, there are so many challenges and a lot of things happen and there are a lot of moods that can come up in previous diagnoses that can get worse with depression, anxiety, and even bipolar and obsessive-compulsive,” Moore said.

Postpartum can affect both parents, even though it is only associated with moms.

“Up to one in seven moms is sort of the quoted statistic that may be higher because we don’t always catch it. And up to one in 10 dads actually experience significant postpartum depression. If their partner is dealing with mental health issues, there is even a higher chance,” Moore said.  

Please enjoy the full interview above for more details and visit the Indianapolis Moms website.

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