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Indianapolis Moms: Tips for Pumping

Indianapolis Moms: Tips for Pumping

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — For those that didn’t know how to use a breast pump properly, Indianapolis Moms has them covered with five tips for pumping.

Indianapolis Mom’s contributor Dr. Lindsay Moore joined Daybreak on Wednesday to talk about tips on how to use a breast pump that is efficient and comfortable for a nursing mother. The first tip is as simple as getting a pump that fits.

“So, the basic thing is it should be comfortable. There are all kinds of sizes of nipples. There’s different sort of stretchiness and things like that, and basically, you need to know your size.  You can’t just look at it when you’re not pumping though. Somebody who knows what they’re doing, especially if it’s uncomfortable at all.” said Dr. Moore.

Watch the full interview to learn more, also be sure to check out the Indianapolis Mom’s website.