Indianapolis non-profit buys and renovates houses for homeless population

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Seven Pillars Refuge Place’s mission continues to keep people who are homeless fed throughout the year.

Volunteers are providing them warmth in many ways this winter, including keeping them sheltered. The non-profit has bought three properties across the city.

Founder and President Tyreese Coleman said he wants to house 24 people this year. The homes were purchased with donations for transitional housing. One house is renovated with seven male residents currently living on the southside.

It’s located on the southside of the city and was purchased in October 2020. The home is furnished and it includes a living and dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms and a bathroom.
There’s two bedrooms in a structure behind the property.

Volunteers are hoping to raise $7,000 to construct a second bathroom and hallway to connect to the structure.

Board member of Seven Pillars Refuge Place Tiffanie Ditlevson told News 8, “We do have rules, but it’s also an opportunity for them to sign a contract, get a job, save money, participate in programs and bible study to really understand how they can improve their lives. It’s just a really great opportunity that we’re able to provide right now. Hopefully we’ll be graduating a class next year and we’ll be opening up for even more people.”

A resident who didn’t want to disclose their identity said the volunteers have been very helpful. “Basically, I was going through a rough patch because they brought me all types of stuff that I asked for like covers, sheets because I was depressed and I just felt like not being anything anymore and I felt like they kind of pulled me out of that.”

Seven Pillars Refuge Place has plans to renovate and furnish two other properties on the north eastside of Indianapolis.

Coleman said they’re looking to fundraise $43,000 to complete both houses. Ditlevson mentioned the next home will be for women and would like for them to be moved in by Valentine’s Day.

You can help fulfill their mission by contacting sevenpillarsgem@gmail.com 317-603-2568