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Indianapolis Public Works uses new electric maintenance equipment

Indy Dept. of Public Works using new electric equipment

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Department of Public Works on Monday unveiled new electric maintenance equipment in an effort to lower carbon emission in the city.

The equipment includes battery-powered trimmers for grass, hedges and trees.

City government leaders say the equipment is better for the environment, especially on high heat and ozone days as Indianapolis had last week.

Brandon Herget, director of Public Works, said in a Monday news conference, “So, we’re going to continue to see more and more Knozone Action Days and we want to make sure that our crews are able to continue working instead of being idle because of emission standards and so, as we pivot to the electronic equipment, that will allow our folks to get out there and continue to work.”

The city has invested $30,000 for the equipment so far and plans to buy more.

News release


“INDIANAPOLIS —Today, Indy DPW Director Brandon Herget joined the DPW Operations team to unveil a new shipment of electric handheld maintenance tools. The new electric maintenance equipment will benefit community members by decreasing both the carbon emissions and noise pollution experienced with traditional gas-powered equipment. The lack of reliance on gasoline will also decrease costs over time. This transition to electric equipment aligns with the City’s Thrive Plan, managed by the Office of Sustainability.

“‘We are dedicated to embracing technology that not only improves the effectiveness of our operations but also aligns with our commitment to lower carbon emissions. These electric handheld tools represent a significant step forward in achieving both objectives,’ stated DPW Director Herget.

“The implementation of the new equipment will be vital during Knozone Action Days when it is of the utmost importance to decrease reliance on gas-powered machines whose emissions are an ingredient in creating additional ground-level ozone. Indy DPW regularly observes Knozone Action Days by pivoting crew activity to non gas-powered tasks wherever possible. 2023 has been a record year for Knozone Action Days, with twenty-three days so far.

“The new equipment includes hedge trimmers, pole saws, string trimmers, chain saws, blowers and batteries.

Thrive Indianapolis, the first sustainability and resilience action plan in Indy’s history, was developed through community engagement and adopted by the City in 2019. Among other goals, it charts a path to citywide carbon neutrality by 2050 by addressing the growing hazards of a changing climate. The 59 action items in the plan relate to eight different elements of sustainability, including energy and natural resources.

“As announced during Indy DPW’s budget presentation earlier this month, the department’s 2024 budget proposal elevates the work of the Office of Sustainability by incorporating climate resiliency considerations into decisions affecting the future of the city’s infrastructure.”

News release from Indianapolis Department of Public Works issued at 6:51 p.m. Aug. 28, 2023