Indianapolis pup dubbed ‘spacedog’ after Twitter photo goes viral

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis pup has found some Twitter fame after getting herself into a precarious situation Tuesday night.

Meet Mila, the Great Pyrenees-mix puppy who the Twitter world has come to affectionately know as spacedog. Mila’s owner, Jeb Banner, of Indianapolis, tweeted an out-of-this-world snapshot of her Wednesday morning after she got a lamp post globe stuck on her head.

“I spotted her out my window and couldn’t believe my eyes at first,” Banner tweeted. “She was perfectly still. Just waiting for take off.”

Banner said it took some work to get the globe off Mila’s head, but after he removed her “space helmet” she seemed very happy to see him.

“It was pretty trippy to look out the window and see her sitting like that in dark, perfectly still,” Banner told News 8.

Banner later posted a photo of Mila without her space helmet, making sure to point out her dirty paws.

“She is always getting into trouble in the back yard,” he said.

As of Thursday afternoon, Mila’s photo was retweeted more than 3,000 times and garnered more than 35,000 likes.