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Indianapolis Zoo welcomes baby macaque monkey

The Indianapolis Zoo recently welcomed a baby long-tailed macaque. The little boy was born Oct. 11 to mom Glenda. (Photo by Keeper Amanda/Indianapolis Zoo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A long-tailed macaque monkey is one of the newest babies at the Indianapolis Zoo.

The little boy, born to mom Glenda earlier this month, is a certified cutie rocking a Black mohawk.

The Indianapolis Zoo is celebrating the birth of a long-tailed macaque.
The Indianapolis Zoo is celebrating the birth of a long-tailed macaque. (Photo by Keeper Amanda/ Indianapolis Zoo)

The zoo shared the exciting news in a Facebook post:

We have some exciting baby news to help brighten up your Monday! Glenda, our long-tailed macaque gave birth on Oct. 11 to an adorable baby boy! 🐒 The newborn doesn’t have a name yet, but he is doing well and has been reported to be playing with the other young macaques while staying close to mom. ❤️

The post has already garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of comments and shares.

Many users shared similar sentiments about the new baby’s adorable looks and unique hairstyle, suggesting a variety of names for the little guy.

“He needs the name Presley with that hair! 🎤,” David Todd suggested.

“Oh my gosh he looks like an old man! So cute! 🥰,” Kristin Burks added.

“He is so cute ! I was thinking the same as everyone else about the name Moe cause he reminds me of the guy from the three stooges,” said Lori Garrison.

Sharon Herron chimed in, “The side view of him reminds me of Moe of the three stooges. His hair on the top of his head looks like how Moe had his.”

“Glenda’s baby boy is so adorable and I love his hair! It’s great that he has other young macaques to play with🐒,” Victoria Rothstein said.

Elizabeth Gwin added, “Name him Chandler from ‘Friends’ in honor of Matthew Perry. He had that same hairstyle in the first couple”

Long-tailed macaques aren’t new to the Indianapolis Zoo. They’re part of the zoo’s “Sharing One World: Long-Tailed Macaques” exhibit.

It features several macaques. They are a unique monkey species that spend time in the water cooling off, playing, or escaping predators. Macaques are native to Southeast Asia.

Unlike other macaques in the wild, long-tailed macaques are the only ones that swim throughout their entire life.

Click here to learn more about macaques and their habitat at the Indianapolis Zoo.