Indy 500 artist brings new tradition and partnership to the track

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A local artist is partnering with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for this year’s race after an Indianapolis 500-themed pandemic piece garnered a lot of attention and hope in 2020.

In song, sound, and sight, the Indy 500 is painted with tradition.

However, since the early days of the pandemic, a painting from Audwynn Newman has become the latest race day tradition.

News 8 first introduced race fans to Newman two years ago, when he remade his version of a Marvel character called the Silver Surfer into a masked Borg-Warner Trophy.

This year’s artwork is, fittingly, called “Back Home Again Indy 500.”

“To have something good come out of something that has been so stressful for so many. I think it is an amazing thing, I really do,” Newman said. “Look how far we have come.” 

It is a picture of hope.

Fast forward to 2022, and he has recreated the work.

“It’s kind of emotional in a weird way. This one means so much and it was kind of born out of a really difficult time and this one means so much but it is born out of a much more hopeful time,” Newman said.

In the “Back Home Again Indy 500” piece, the mask is removed and strength is depicted in the trophy. Plus, there is a sliver of a smile on the Silver Surfer, depicting the triumph of the time in history. Also in the image is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway wing and wheel logo.

(Provided Photo/Audwynn Newman)

“I get the luxury and honor of putting the Indianapolis Motor Speedway logo on it this time,” Newman said.

In 2020, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway noticed the painting’s impact on fans. Now they have partnered with Newman and he is licensed to feature their logo and sell his work at the race track.

“Largely because of your interview two years ago, I was able to secure a license working scenario with IMS–so Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the 500, Grand Prix, Carb Day, qualifications, all that good stuff,” Newman said.

Now he has several race-themed paintings, ranging from a sunset pagoda to a wing and wheel cutout painting. The artwork is tailored to all types of racing fans. 

“I will be selling all month–every day the track is open, I will be there,” Newman said.

(“Back Home Again Indy 500” – WISH-TV photo)

It’s a dream still hard to believe for this humble artist. He has crossed the bricks and won the hearts of race fans. But what means the most is that this picture of tradition is just another way to bring everyone back home again, in Indiana.

“This two-year arc will always be very, very special,” Newman said.

The Pandemic piece is sold out and was only sold in 2020. There are 500 versions of Newman’s latest work that will be sold–another tie to the Indy 500. “Back Home Again Indy 500” is available for $55.

Newman says he already has plans for next year’s artwork and this new race day tradition.

More of Newman’s work can be found on his website.