Indy animal hospital saving puppies with parvovirus

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A local veterinarian’s office needs your help after a sick litter of puppies were dropped off.

Noah’s Animal Hospital says the litter has parvovirus and is keeping them to make sure they get proper care so they won’t be euthanized.

The office got the call on July 6. One puppy had already been euthanized due to the disease.

The animal hospital decided to reopen a formerly closed building to house the dogs that had been exposed. They got the water and electricity turned back on.

The puppies are 6-month-old Husky mixes and their vaccine history doesn’t exist.

Another five puppies arrived Wednesday from a different litter. They all tested positive for the virus. Those puppies are German Shepherd mix.

This makes a total of 10 puppies all at 24-hour locations of the animal hospital.

Without treatment, more than 90% of dogs with parvovirus die from dehydration.

“We’re kind of a little overwhelmed with just the need of these animals,” said Tom Dock, practice director with Noah’s Animal Hospital.

“They all need a lot of medication; many of them are on IV fluids; some of them have tubes for feeding. They need a lot of tender, loving care. We’ve got support staff that are working long shifts, a lot of overtime taking care of these animals in multiple locations,” Dock said.

Each puppy will require nearly $2,000 worth of care. Due to the high cost, Anna’s Pet Care Fund has pledged their financial assistance. Uncle Bill’s Pet Centers has also provided $6,500 in donations.

To donate to Anna’s Pet Care Fund, click here.