Indy Arts Fest displays colorful works of art, draws excitement

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Laughter, fun and pops of color — at Indy Arts Fest, central Indiana artists are being celebrated for the work they do. At Monday’s event, there were dozens of works of art and more than 70 artists from Indy.

Ezi Underwood has done artwork his whole life, but he went professional 5 years ago.

“My artwork is what kept me going, so I feel like that was what was given to me. And now, I want to give it to other people,” Underwood explained to News 8.

He’s one of several artists at Monday’s event, and says Indianapolis has opened its heart to art.

“Indy Fest has given a lot of brand new artists that has always had talent and has always been here. But the opportunity to be seen has been rare. So, that’s what I really appreciate about the fest this year.” Underwood explained.

Indy Arts Fest Organizer Koda Witsken said the event can be thought of as a mash up of a music and mural festival.

“Our goal is to highlight all the best kinds of artists in Indy and highlight how they deserve fair pay opportunities. Indy creatives are actually paid less than half the national average, so we’re really trying to show Indy what we’ve got — from body painting to music to obviously murals and graffiti,” Witsken said.

There were several food trucks, a mural gusts can draw on and help with and even a junk car for people to paint.

“Inside or outside — whatever they want. We have some spray paint and they just go nuts,” Witsken explained.

This festival means a lot to oil painter and muralist Megan Jefferson.

“It’s amazing to see how Indianapolis has really embraced artists lately,” Jefferson said.

“I just hope that people get a splash of beauty and joy from my work. Honestly, it’s my pleasure to create a splash of color that brings a smile to people’s face. When I can do that, my work here is done,” Jefferson said.

As a hip-hop artist, Underwood hopes people get something from his work, too.

“Hopefully, when they see my artwork, what they see is examples of my culture that I bring together to create a cohesive piece that inspires them to worry (less) about licensing and things that go on behind the courtroom and more about getting their ideas out there for people to see,” Underwood explained.

Witsken told News 8 that the plan is to host another event next year around this time.

To learn more about the Indy Arts Fest, click here.


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