Indy born filmmaker gets his shot at the big screen with ‘Rapid Response’

Indy born filmmaker gets his shot at the big screen with ‘Rapid Response’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Michael Miles saw his film “Rapid Response” in theaters last week.

He says buying a ticket and popcorn to his own movie was a dream 20 years in the making.

Miles grew up on the south side of Indianapolis and graduated from Lutheran High School.

He told News 8 he knew he wanted to be a filmmaker at 11-years-old. It was the same year his parents took him to his first Indy 500.

After moving to Los Angeles for college, Miles says he read the book Rapid Response.

It tells the story of how author Dr. Stephen Olvey along with Dr. Terry Trammel refused to accept racing’s high mortality rate in the 1960s.

Together, they helped build the racetrack’s first reactive team using an ambulance and hospital ED as examples.

In the 1980s, the doctors started using computers to create virtual crash models that showed how to reduce the impact of a car going 200 mph.

They also worked with athletes, engineers and INDYCAR to scientifically reduce injuries from crashes.

Miles said Dr. Olvey and Dr. Trammel now believe they’ve almost eliminated concussions from racing accidents. And that it’s been over four years since racing has seen one.

Miles said his passion for racing led him to the project, but being from Indianapolis helped him tell the story.

“I got a good head start by being born in that culture. The way that people are in Indianapolis and the passion for the racing communities there. There is so much of it,” said Miles.

It took Miles and his movie partner 10 years to make the film. Acquiring the book rights took two years alone.

The documentary features interviews from racing greats like Mario Andretti and Rick Mears.

But Miles said Rapid Response is a movie for everyone.

“It’s a very human story. It’s about a couple of guys who found themselves in a situation where they could be useful. But, ultimately it’s that American innovative spirit.”

Rapid Response is in theaters now. It’s playing in Indianapolis here.

Miles said if you miss the film in theaters, don’t worry because it’s coming to video-on-demand soon.