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Indy Parks restricts vehicles at Eagle Creek Park, closes dog parks

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — New restrictions are in effect at Indy Park locations after city officials say thousands of people were recently gathered inside Eagle Creek Park alone.

Last weekend, the parks department estimated 3,000-5,000 people used Eagle Creek Park.

Beginning Saturday, Eagle Creek Park will be closed to vehicles. The park will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists, but many of the entrance gates will be locked.

“We at Indy Parks know that this is a challenging time for all of us, and we know that many people are visiting our parks for recreation, fitness, and really to just have a sense of normalcy and relaxation,” the agency said in a news release on Friday.

Indy Parks has closed all of the dog parks, golf courses, indoor facilities, playgrounds and shelters in an effort to fight the spread of COVID-19.

The city is encouraging people to get outside and come to the parks while maintaining appropriate social distancing.

“Considering the situation with COVID-19, I can’t blame people for wanting to come to the park because it is about the only thing they can do, but there are still a lot of rules being broken,” said Kathy Fulner.

“I appreciate the effort to slow the spread of the disease, also think that mental health is important,” said Jesse Green. “People need to take care of themselves and coping is outdoors. People still need to find a way to do that. I think everyone is doing the best they can.”

The parks department has not set a date to reopen most of the facilities. Most of the trails and outdoor space will remain open, but park officials warn people to stay away from closed facilities.