Indy startup working toward sustainable future, trying to get people in electric cars

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A local startup is working toward a sustainable future by lowering its carbon footprint.

Motor is getting people to drive electric motor vehicles by making the process of renting one easy.

The car can be delivered with registration, insurance, a charger installation and maintenance to the driver.

Drivers can sign up on a monthly subscription and choose from a Tesla, Audi, Ford, Volkswagen and Nissan model.

“I care about our transition to going carbon-free and know that’s something we’re eventually going to have to do,” said Motor Indiana market lead, Rhett Barker.

“It’s kind of not a question of if it’s more so when and it’s becoming more so how fast can we do it. We’re so driven, as a company, to reach that goal because it is real it impacts all of us.”

The company said it has enlisted more than 100 customers since it launched in 2020 and has raised the city’s new electric vehicle registrations by 20% in central Indiana.

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