IndyHumane seeking foster parents

The exterior of IndyHumane. (Provided Photo/Indy Humane)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– If you’re thinking about getting a pet and aren’t sure if you’re ready, the IndyHumane foster program might be for you.

IndyHumane is seeking your help to give a number of animals a break from the shelter. The shelter says some of the puppies, kittens and larger dogs have been there for more than a year and a break from their kennel will help with make them less stressed and happier when they return.

Foster parents are required to complete online training, and once completed, the foster program will provide various needs for the animal such as food, medications, and supplies. IndyHumane has a high need for caretakers interested in large breed dogs with potential behavioral challenges and neonatal kittens under 8 weeks old.

“Giving these dogs a home to stay in, even temporarily, provides huge benefits to the animal,” says IndyHumane’s foster care manager, Anna Knabe. “When our dogs come back from staying with a foster family they are usually calmer, happier, and less stressed. If you had to spend many months in a shelter, you would want a break too.” 

To learn more information about IndyHumane’s Foster Program visit their website