IPS preparing for bumps in the road with in-person and e-learning option

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Marion County public school districts will begin the upcoming year in classroom, and on schedule. However, families still have the option to continue using e-learning.

Indianapolis Public Schools Superintendent Aleesia Johnson said in theory families who choose e-learning will be on the same track as the kids back in the classroom, but she knows there will be some bumps in the road especially if a positive case hits a school.

Johnson said families and staff need to be flexible, “We need to be preparing for temporary closures in schools if children need to quarantine.”

She said the district is still working on a plan to make sure if a school closes and everyone has to work from home, e-learning and in-person students will be on the same page.

Rachell Smith is an IPS parent who just wants some decisions made soon. “I just think it’s a lot of confusion at the end of the day. I hope they try to work on it just as far as the kids’ education.They just need a stable, proper education, it doesn’t need to be bounced back and forth,” said Smith.

Johnson said the focus is safety and education first.

The district has surveys out for both families and staff to see what plans would make them feel most comfortable. Once those results are finalized, she will have a better idea of what the year will look like for IPS.