IU still mandating COVID-19 vaccine; proof no longer required

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana University is changing course.

The school will not require students and professors to prove they’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine this fall.

After hearing from state lawmakers, documentation of vaccinations will no longer be required, but there will be an incentive for those opting to upload documentation like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention card.

“We hope that we’ll have students, faculty, and staff who will be willing to do that so that we can be absolutely sure,” IU spokesperson Chuck Carney said.

“Overall, knowing that people have it will just make everyone feel more at ease,” student Amanda Boggs said.

However, students are still required to get vaccinated.

“The important thing to remember is that we haven’t shifted gears on requiring the vaccine, which was affirmed by the attorney general that we had the right to ask everybody to get the vaccine,” Carney said.

But they won’t need to show proof. People will simply need to certify their status through an online form.

“Of course, we expect that our IU students, faculty and staff will do the right thing and attest truthfully,” Carney said.

IU says that form is now available online. These changes come after criticism from state lawmakers to walk back its COVID-19 vaccine requirement. Carney says they’ve had ongoing discussions with lawmakers.

“We want to make sure that our lawmakers are fully informed, but also that they understand what the needs of the university are and that we come to something that works for all sides,” Carney said.

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There are some exemptions to the vaccine requirement. This includes exemptions for religious and medical reasons and for online students and medical deferrals for several other circumstances.

“People should get the vaccine if they’re comfortable with it and safe and I think once more people do get the vaccination that everyone will as a whole will feel better about it and just feel more comfortable about going to class,” Boggs said.

The university says it will be making an announcement soon on what incentives they’ll be offering for students who opt to upload documentation.

“It’ll be things that will provide a reason to get your name in the hat, per se, that would make it worth your while if you did upload the documentation,” Carney said.