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Judge won’t allow IU to join Planned Parenthood lawsuit

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana University will have to file their own lawsuit in a case involving Planned Parenthood, a judge has decided.

IU looked to join a lawsuit alongside PPINK for an injunction following a controversial abortion law, HEA 1337, being signed into law in Indiana.

IU contended that the law would make researcher’s work on Alzheimer’s disease a criminal act.

PPINK filed suit in April, stating that the law “imposes unconstitutional restrictions on women seeking abortions and their health care providers.”

HEA 1337 is set to go in effect on July 1.

On Tuesday, a federal judge said that IU could not join the existing lawsuit for several reasons, including due to PPINK and IU having different reasons and not wanting to interrupt the timeliness of PPINK’s suit.

The judge also said “denial of IU’s motion to intervene does not foreclose IU from filing its own case or seeking an expedited schedule for discovery and resolution of its preliminary injunction motion before July 1.”