Kamala Harris win signals new era in American inclusivity

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Millions of immigrants come to America hoping for a better life for themselves or their children.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris represents so much to a lot of people. She’s made history in several areas: the first woman in the second top spot in the White House and a multi-racial woman who embraces her Black and Indian heritage.

The president of the Asian American Alliance, Rupal Thanawala, said this is another step moving America toward full inclusion.

America is the land of the free. Millions of immigrants take the journey here yearly to experience an American dream. That’s why Thanawala and her family immigrated from India 26 years ago.

“We knew that America was a land of opportunity. America is a place where there is a lot of progress done already,” Thanawala said. 

Growing up in India things were a bit different. For one, there’s been a long history of women in lead political positions there.

“It was quite shocking for me to not have at least one woman leader for the last 244 years.”

Like so many others, that shock of not seeing that type of representation is wearing off with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris set to take office in January.

This particular win means a bit more for Thanawala. Harris is bi-racial. Her father is a Black Jamaican immigrant and her mother is an immigrant from India.

“That was a very inspiring moment for me,” said Thanawala.

It’s a common tale for Asian immigrants, but immigrants in general. And this projected win Thanawala said is an illustration of what an American dream can be. But she said it is also a bridge to a more culturally inclusive America.

“The two (cultures) can exist at the same time. And that is what is American citizens for the last 400 plus years. That’s how it’s been in this country. That is the very foundation of this country.”


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