Kids leading ‘Black and Brown Youth March’ to spark political change this weekend

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Black and Brown Kids (BAB Kids) is leading a youth march on Saturday at 12:30 p.m.

The march is the group’s first-ever initiative in hopes to create political change in Marion County.

Kids accompanied by adults will meet at Military Park and will march through downtown, including Monument Circle and back.

BAB Kids’ mission is to inform the youth on how to properly be heard, rather than starting violence. The organization plans to educate one another on politics, laws and individual rights as citizens to create the change they want to see. It’s a new organization founded by five teenagers between 14-18 years old.

Economic stability in black and brown communities, more community outreach, police and education reform is what 14-year-old founder Ada Hendrick said she wants to see improve.

“We should learn more about our history in schools, especially black history other than just slavery. Things that we made and we’ve created because we don’t learn a lot about that,” said Hendrick.

Adult advisor, Sharon Sanders added, “When they come together they’ll see the change and the impact they’ll be able to make and with that they’ll be inspired, they’ll be motivated to actually come out of their shells and be who they’re meant to be, find their purpose and add to the changes that are going on in their community.”

BAB Kids said this will be a peaceful march and hope there will be a decent turnout. Follow them on Instagram or email babkidsmarch@gmail.com