Lawrence North TikTok influencer creates scholarships for peers

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A young success story is paying it forward.

Mirajur Rahman is a Lawrence North High School student and he’s is using social media fame to help classmates and kids around the globe.

He’s the type of kid who chooses all the toughest classes, takes notes, even learns ahead, so he posts 15 to 60-second long videos filled with studying secrets. The videos have earned Rahman more than 153,000 followers online.

“It started with me posting my AP U.S. history notes and that video got over one million views and like 160,000 likes. It was crazy. I could not believe it,” Rahman said.

He uses TikTok, a video sharing app mostly known for dance videos, but increasing in popularity is everything from cooking demonstrations and do-it-yourself projects to makeup tutorials.

“I didn’t ever think, like, educational videos would blow up, but I was wrong,” Rahman said.

With the views and likes racking up, Rahman has created partnerships with companies like Emile, a digital learning platform. As an influencer, he plugs the website and is paid in return.

“They’re catered towards students and teaching them about AP classrooms, so it fit like perfectly with my videos,” Rahman said.

Rahman said he’s saving the money to pay for his college education, but not all of it. He’s actually creating scholarships for other kids.

“I realized that I could help someone else’s education, similarly to how they were helping my education,” Rahman said.

So next time you think all kids do on TikTok is silly dance videos, think about Rahman and his AP history notes.

Through bold.org Rahman is accepting scholarship applications for two $1,000 merit based awards.

He says his long term goal is to go back to his family’s community in Bangladesh to build a hospital and provide free health care.