Lawrence Police Dept. benefits from being on ‘Live PD’

Photo of Lawrence PD officers.

LAWRENCE, Ind. (WISH) — The Lawrence Police Department has gained a lot of attention since filming “Live PD” and said it’s been beneficial for the department.

The department said during the “Live PD” live nights on Friday and Saturday nights, it seems like arrests have gone down and things are quiet since filming the show.

Deputy Chief of Police Gary Woodruff said the department’s social media interaction has increased significantly. Even some of the officers have started their own personal social media pages which have garnered a lot of attention. Woodruff says the show gives them a chance to show their professionalism and each individual officers’ story.

Woodruff said the show humanizes the badge. He said most interactions are based on the attitude of the individual and not everyone goes to jail.

The community is an avid supporter of the department and the show. Officers said sometimes community members thank them if they see them out and about.

“We’re encountering people in the worst moments of their lives and we have to keep them in mind and have to be sensitive to that,” Woodruff said. “All of us who got into this profession, who were called to this profession, you know, you want to make a difference.”

Only eight police departments film with the crew at one time. A handful of Lawrence police officers film with the crew five days a week. Sergeant Charlie Kingery volunteered. He says he was a fan of the show before the department signed a contract to be on it. His family is big fans of the show.

“Friday and Saturday night, my wife is tuned in and my kids are right there until they have to go to bed,” Sgt. Kingery said. “My wife will tell me that the kids are yelling at the TV, ‘Daddy get them!’ They’re pretty excited about it.”

Episodes air on Friday and Saturday from 9 p.m. to midnight.

This season wraps up at the end of August.