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Local woman-owned craft brewery gets tapped for USA Today award nomination

Update: Kismetic Beer Company was voted No. 2 “Best New Brewery” in the USA Today’s 10Best reader’s choice survey.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Kismetic Beer Company announced it was nominated for “Best New Brewery” in USA Today’s 10Best reader’s choice survey earlier this week in a post on Instagram. The entry highlights Kismetic’s “chic retro vibe” and “cutting-edge flavors.”

Kismetic’s name is the result of blending the terms “kismet,” representing the idea of things being meant to be, and “kinetic,” which symbolizes the energy inherent in movement. Located in an unexpected setting—a Twin Aire neighborhood art studio—emerges the unique and trailblazing woman-owned craft brewery. Owner Nicole Oesch, who gained experience in the craft beer industry and witnessed its male-dominated culture, continues to thrive in the unconventional space she opened last year in April.

The east side taproom is a cozy and nostalgic haven adorned with vibrant Art Deco fabrics and quirky tiles. The draft beers, brewed by Oesch’s husband Ryan, emphasize dark styles with a lighter body and inventive flavors like Chocolate Orange Truffle Hazy Black IPA. Together, the Oesch’s Kismetic Beer Company, has become a place where individuals of all backgrounds can discover their preferred flavors and embrace their own unique vibes.

Supporters have the opportunity to raise a glass and vote once a day until Monday, July 24, allowing them to show their appreciation for Kismetic’s groundbreaking presence in the brewing industry. Oesch’s journey showcases her determination to challenge the norms and create an inclusive space within a traditionally male-dominated industry. Through Kismetic Beer Company, she has redefined what a brewery can be, offering a refreshing and diverse experience for all beer enthusiasts.