Many in Hamilton County say they’ll no longer wear masks yet respect rules at businesses

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) — If you walked down Main Street in Carmel on Tuesday, you would find businesses with signs asking customers to continue wearing masks.

But, you would also find shops that have removed those signs.

Most of the people News 8 saw in the Carmel Arts & Design District were not wearing masks. A few of them said because it’s no longer a requirement; they’re not planning to wear them at all anymore.

However, they said, if a business asks them to put one on, they’ll respect those wishes.

Cathy Rowan said she had a pretty serious case of COVID-19 in November, which is why although she will no longer wear a mask most of the time, if someone asks her to put one on, she said she would be glad to do so.

“Oh, I would definitely put it on, and I would also honor people’s opinion if they would like me to wear it in their home,” Rowan said.

Ben Graves said he feels the same and will not wear masks anymore unless someone asks him to.

“I’m done, but I’d respect the business and wear a mask, no problem,” Graves said.

So far, no problems at Silver in the City in Carmel. Manager Claire Shipley said most of the customers came in already wearing masks. Shipley said because Silver in the City also has a Marion County location, the business made the decision to keep the stores the same. “Just for the safety of our staff and customers, at least until everyone is able to get fully vaccinated, and we’ll reassess at the end of the month and see how we’re feeling.”

The city of Fishers, which has its own health department separate from Hamilton County’s, is also leaving the choice up to businesses. Masks are still required in all Hamilton County buildings.


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