Marion County fecal parasite cases concern customers at other central Indiana pools


GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) – Cryptosporidium is primarily spread though water and, if contracted, can make a person sick for weeks. The primary symptom is diarrhea.

So far this year Marion County has had 18 confirmed cases of cryptosporidium. Johnson County has not had any confirmed cases of the parasite, but area pools are still having to deal with customers’ concerns.

With so many people worried about contracting the illness, it has caused facilities like Freedom Springs in Greenwood that have not had any issues with the parasite to still deal with a lot of questions.

“Some people are talking about it and we have assured them that we do keep this facility safe day in and day out,” Brooke Thompson, the manager of Freedom Springs Aquatic said. “We do make sure those chemicals are on point so that they can disinfect, they can clean the proper way so that no one does get sick.”

To make sure their chemicals are at a point that prevents the spread of bacteria, Freedom Springs has a company test their pool every week. In addition to that, “we test them every hour so that we can maintain those levels at a safe level for customers to get into the pool, so that way everyone is safe from sickness or illnesses,” says Thompson.

The CDC says if you have had diarrhea, you should avoid getting into a pool for at least two weeks to avoid spreading any kind of bacteria.

Freedom Springs even posts signs to remind people to rinse off before getting into the pool and after going to the restroom.

But sometimes accidents happen.

“Anytime we have any type of fecal matter accident, or someone vomits, we always make sure we clear the pools immediately,” Thompson said. “We test right then and there to make sure our chemicals are on point as far as where they should be according to regulations. Hourly checks definitely help us in maintaining those levels.”

All reports of the crypto parasite are directly reported to the health department.

In the case that the parasite was present, the pool would have to completely shut down until an inspection was done and they were cleared to reopen.

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