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Massively overpopulated animal shelter in Anderson pleads for help

Animal Protection League desperate for help

ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) — There’s a desperate call for help saving animals in Anderson.

The Animal Protection League says cats and dogs are filling up the shelter’s restrooms and offices.

Maleah Stringer, director of the Animal Protection League, told News 8, “The animals are losing their minds in these conditions. The stress level is so high that they’re becoming things that they were never meant to be.”

With a capacity of 100 animals, the shelter has more than triple that number of dogs and cats living in difficult conditions. The Animal Protection League in Anderson says it’s running out of food and water dishes, and crates. Also, more volunteers are needed to keep up with the demand.

Stringer said, “It’s awful. Stress is through the roof but, in the last two years, the stress for myself, my staff, and volunteers, it’s horrible. Literally, we’re falling apart.”

Joslin Bronnenberg, a volunteer, said, “It never stops. There’s no break. You don’t get a break. You don’t feel like, ‘Oh, I just want to volunteer one or two days a week.’ At this point, you feel like you have to volunteer, you have to be here, and you have to show up, and so they do. We all do.”

The animal shelter says more and more animals are coming in after being rescued from grim conditions.

One dog was living with her pups in a restroom, and several cats were running free in the office.

Stringer said, “We have a mom and three puppies that were abandoned in a house. They were eating dried rice. So, we’re going to try to press charges for the people who abandoned them.”

The shelter director says Indiana needs new laws that can help address the situation. “When was the last time you heard anything happening for somebody who abandoned an animal, for somebody who beat an animal, or somebody who did any of these horrific things, or somebody who is breeding these pit bulls over and over again?”

Stringer says they’re trying their best to move forward. “As these animals succumb to the stress sometimes we have to make hard decisions. It is not compassionate to let animals live in this condition for very long.”

The Animal Protection League asked people to show some support either by making donations or by simply sharing the shelter’s Facebook posts.