Meet Dr. Tim Hanson, superintendent of Warren Township schools

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A new school year has arrived, making it the perfect time for parents and students around central Indiana to learn more about local school districts and their leaders.

Dr. Tim Hanson is the superintendent of the Metropolitan School District of Warren Township in Indianapolis. Hanson joined the school district in 2018 following the retirement of superintendent Dr. Dena Cushenberry.

Classes started last week and things are off to a great start, Hanson says.

“We had our opening day last Wednesday with all of our staff — the first time we’ve been able to do that since 2018. We welcomed our students and families on Thursday. There’s a sense of normalcy to it this year, which feels really good.”

MSD of Warren Township is also offering virtual learning, according to Hanson.

“This year, we opened up our Warren Online Academy for K-12 students. Last year, we had a virtual option for our families in case they wanted to go down that path, for whatever reason. This year, we’ve opened up the online academy as a really permanent option for our families going forward,” Hanson said.

While virtual learning is an option, Hanson says there are no strict COVID-19 protocols in place.

“We’re encouraging our families and students and staff to wear masks if that makes them feel more comfortable or safe or if they’re in a situation where they need to protect themselves,” Hanson said. “But, outside of that, we’re welcoming our parents back into our schools — we’re asking them to self-screen. We want to try to get back to as normal of a routine as we can.”

Hanson says the district is still focused on its strategic plan. Created in 2019, “Journey of a Graduate” is focused on developing six key skills: critical thinking, citizenship, communication, collaboration, content knowledge, and resilience.

“We’re asking our folks to focus on these six skills,” Hanson said. “These six skills were identified by our students, our community, and our business leaders as the skills that they want to see when they graduate from Warren Central High School.”

Visit the MSD of Warren Township website to learn more about the district.