Million Meal Marathon partners with Lawrence police to give meals to families in distress

LAWRENCE, Ind. (WISH) — A renewed partnership between the Million Meal Movement and the Lawrence Police Department is changing how families in need can get meals.

Traditionally, the Million Meal Movement primarily provides meals to food pantries and food banks across the state of Indiana. Partnerships with first responders like the Lawrence Police Department allows the movement to reach families in a time of desperation and offer a sense of comfort.

“They have a lot of avenues and new reaches to get food where it is really needed,” said Shane Scarlett with the Million Meal Movement.

Sgt. Matthew Miller and others like him say they often encounter a situation where providing food to a family could make a monumental impact.

“We would provide these meals to families, low-income families, families in need and we have many of those in the city. So it is a frequent thing. A daily thing,” said Miller.

While the Million Meal Movement has packed and distributed more than 30 million meals in the last 13 years, they know there is a population of people who need their help the most that they haven’t been able to reach in the past.

“A lot of people don’t have transportation, and it is a great partnership,” said Miller.

That is why they are packing officers vehicles with their Rice Soy Casserole and mac-and-cheese, which are simple to make and have a two-year shelf life so that at anytime, an officer can be equipped with the tools to provide support.

The goal is to show families who may be down on their luck that someone cares and that there is hope.

The Million Meal Movement is currently working to build similar partnerships with other first responders in central Indiana.