More construction set to begin, could affect drive times

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Lane restrictions on several city streets in order to redo roads southwest of downtown will begin Monday.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works will be working on South, West, Capitol Avenue and McCarty streets.

Although this project won’t shut down the roads entirely, it can affect drive times.

Joan Halliburton lives in Indianapolis and said she is not looking forward to more construction downtown.

“It’s a nuisance because everybody is not accustomed to downtown and you’re accustomed to going one way and find out it’s blocked or one lane and you got people cutting all in front of you and nobody really is courteous,” Halliburton said.

Owner of Stadium Tavern and the Whistle Stop, Rob Strong, said parts of the project will force people to slow down near his bar.

However, on the other end, Strong said sometimes the congestion drives people away from the city. 

“Let’s finish one project before we start doing 100 more tasks. Nobody can handle that,” added Strong. “I’m glad that the construction workers will have the work, but at the same time, it affects everyone else in the community, especially the downtown area. I own two businesses downtown, I live downtown, I absolutely love downtown, I want to see it thrive and it’s not.”

Construction on the four streets is set to wrap up in November. Most of the work will happen on Mondays and Saturdays.


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