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Multiple Indiana schools closed due to threats

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Multiple Indiana school districts on Friday canceled in-person learning and switched to e-learning due to threats that came in overnight.

FBI Indianapolis released a statement to News 8:

“The FBI is aware of these threats and we are working in coordination with our state and local law enforcement partners to investigate.”

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security told News 8 by email shortly before 7 a.m. Friday that it is not tracking the incidents, and the agency had no reports of multiple bomb threats.

The Indiana Department of Education declined to comment, referring to a statement issued from Indiana State Police shortly before 9:15 a.m. Friday.

“Early this morning, the Indiana State Police was made aware of an email message sent to several dozen Indiana schools threatening the use of explosive devices that had allegedly been planted on various school campuses. We immediately allocated all intelligence resources to investigate the validity of the threat, to include communication with the Department of Education, our local, county, and federal law enforcement partners. At this time no suspicious or explosive devices have been found in any of our schools. The investigation into the origin of this threat is ongoing.

“Out of an abundance of caution, troopers throughout the state have been in communication with their local schools to offer assistance and resources. School corporations are working with their local law enforcement to make the best decision about their operations today.

“Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter said, ‘The safety of our children will always be a top priority, the Indiana State Police will continue to offer any and all resources we have to schools to ensure safety for our students.’”

Indiana State Police

What schools are saying

Center Grove School Corp.:

“Center Grove Schools will be closed on Friday, April 14, 2023 with no eLearning due to a bomb threat. School building staff should not report today. All events are canceled. The district is one of 35 across the state of Indiana that received the same threat late last night. Homeland Security is investigating this situation. The decision to close was made out of an abundance of caution and in consultation with the Center Grove Police Department, Homeland Security, and other agencies.”

Center Grove Community School Corp.

Noblesville Schools.

“We received an anonymous bomb threat that came in over night that was sent to approximately 40 school districts throughout Indiana. Out of an abundance of caution we have called an eLearning day so we can work with law enforcement to further investigate this threat and ensure the safety of our schools. Some of our teachers and families may not be fully prepared for eLearning and we encourage flexibility today. We expect to have an update for staff and families later today. Thank you for your patience and support.”

Noblesville Schools statement

“We’re pleased to report no suspicious/explosive devices found in any of our schools. All buildings cleared for staff + students to safely return. We look forward to welcoming students back on Monday. Thank you @NoblesvillePD + Noblesville community for care and support today”

Tweet at 2:42 p.m. from Noblesville Schools

Lebanon Community Schools:


“Overnight, approximately 35 Indiana school corporations located across the state received a message alleging that a destructive device had been placed in an unnamed school district facility.

“Due to the timing of this threat, and out of caution for the safety of our students and staff, LCSC made the decision to observe an eLearning day for Friday, April 14, 2023.

“Lebanon Schools Police, administration, and our facilities department personnel have immediately begun inspecting our buildings. We are asking that no staff, students, parents, or community members enter any of our district facilities until the building has been cleared for entry.

“Because our elementary schools are engaged in standardized testing at this time, schools did not allow iPads to go home with students yesterday afternoon. We understand that this may limit some elementary students’ ability to connect to CANVAS today. Our eLearning guide allows for additional time for students to complete assignments. Your child’s teacher, and principal will communicate expectations related to assignments and completion.

“I understand there will be speculation and a desire for details related to the message we received. However, this matter is of course being investigated by law enforcement agencies and the Department of Homeland Security. For that reason, I am unable to provide details of the message or investigation.

“I want to thank everyone for your understanding and flexibility today. We say often that student and staff safety is our highest priority, and this is true. In enforcing that priority, we sometimes have to alter our operations quickly and with little notice. We need the cooperation of our community, parents, staff, and students. I am grateful for your cooperation today.

“I know you will all join me in thanking our administration, facilities department personnel, Lebanon Schools Police, and all agencies involved for their efforts today and the days to come as we address this matter.

“To the degree I am able, I will share more information as it becomes available.”

Superintendent Jon Milleman

Speedway Schools at 7:15 a.m.:

“All Speedway Schools will be closed today, Friday, April 14, 2023, due to a bomb threat. All safety measures will be activated and an update will be sent later today.

“At 6:54 a.m. today (Friday, April 14, 2023), the school corporation was notified of a bomb threat. After speaking to local law enforcement and receiving a recommendation from IIFC (Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center), we used the information available to make the best decision we could in a short amount of time. We determined to make the safest decision for our students out of an abundance of caution.

“We apologize for the inconvenience this undoubtedly caused students and families today. Speedway Schools is one of approximately 40 school districts that received a bomb threat.

“As we continue collaborating with our Speedway Police, Indianapolis Police Department, and other agencies, we are taking every recommended precaution and following prescribed safety protocols for bomb threats to ensure safety.

“A final notification about athletic and ECA events will be communicated as soon as we have made a determination.

“We look forward to welcoming students back on Monday and appreciate your understanding in the decision we made today.”

Speedway Schools Superintendent Kyle Trebley

Speedway Schools at 11:42 a.m.:

“Dear Speedway Community,

“We are pleased to report that all Speedway Schools are cleared and safe following the bomb threat. We want to again thank students, parents, and families for their understanding and flexibility today. We also want to thank the law enforcement agencies, school administrators, and building grounds staff who showed incredible teamwork today in ensuring the safety of our schools.

“Activities and Athletics:

“All kindergarten-8th grade after-school activities and athletics are canceled today.

“High School athletic practices/events WILL be in session today.

“If you have any questions about your child’s particular activity, please reach out via Parentsquare to your child’s principal or coach.

“School will resume on Monday, April 17th.”

Speedway Schools Superintendent Kyle Trebley

Frankton-Lapel Schools:

“Good morning, Frankton-Lapel Families,

“In the middle of the night, I and other superintendents received an email that made a bomb threat against our schools. Our team has been working on this situation since early this morning. While we do not have any reason to believe the threat is credible at this time, we of course are not willing to risk the safety of our students and staff.

“For that reason, we called an e-learning day, today on Friday, April 14th. Our team will spend today working with our local law enforcement and other appropriate agencies to further investigate this threat and ensure the safety of every one of our schools.

“We apologize for the short notice and appreciate your support and understanding as we continue to work hard to keep our schools, staff and children safe.”

Superintendent Sterling Boles

Shelbyville Central Schools:

“Shelbyville Central Schools will be on an eLearning Day today, Friday 4/14/23. We have been notified that we were one of several districts that received a threat overnight that has not yet been identified. Out of abundance of caution our buildings will be closed today. Students will have one week to complete assignments. We will communicate more information when appropriate. Thank you.

“Teachers will have eLearning assignments posted on Google Classroom by 9:00. iPads will be sent home on Monday with those students who are unable to complete work on personal devices today”

Shelby Eastern Schools:

“SES Families: Early this morning, we were notified by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department of a bomb threat their office received targeting several Indiana schools.  In their opinion and ours, the threat is credible enough that we believe the safest path forward is to call for an eLearning day today so that we can have time to assess the situation. Teachers will communicate with students and their have lessons posted by 10:00 a.m. Only essential staff should report to school, and you will be notified directly if you need to report. We will provide a more detailed update later. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we investigate the situation.”

Shenandoah Schools:

“Early this morning, the Shenandoah School Corporation received a phone call from local law enforcement indicating a bomb threat to several school districts throughout the state. The Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center has been unable to determine the credibility of the threat at this time.

“We made the decision to have an eLearning Day today in an abundance of caution to ensure that we can secure our campus. No one should come to campus until we have given an all clear. After school activities will be determined later today.

“We certainly want to keep the safety and security of our students and staff as a number one priority. I appreciate your support, your flexibility, and your understanding.

“Have a great weekend!”

Madison-Grant Schools:

“All Madison-Grant schools will be on an e-learning day for April 14, 2023. Parents and students, please check your email for more information. Student assignments will be posted by 12 p.m. Have a good weekend, Argylls!”

Western School Corp. in Howard County:

“ELEARNING DAY Fri 4/14/23

“Early this morning, Howard County Sheriff’s Department received notification from the Indiana State Police that there was an anonymous bomb threat sent via email to approximately 35 school districts. Western School Corporation is included in this group. Our local K-9 unit, staffed with an explosive detection canine, has conducted a complete sweep of our facilities with the assistance of our administrative staff. Homeland Security is still investigating this situation. While we do not have any reason to believe that the threat is credible at this time, we are not willing to risk the safety of our students or staff. The decision to go to e-learning is made out of an abundance of caution and in consultation with our law enforcement and school administration. Today, Friday, April 14th will be an e-learning day. I apologize for the short notice, and appreciate your understanding as we continue to keep our students and staff safe. Please look for more e-learning information from your building principals and or classroom teachers.”

Marion Community Schools:

“Marion Community Schools will be on an e-learning day today.

“We understand many of our students do not have their school-provided iPads at home with them. Watch for information from your school or teacher regarding assignments, or if that is not possible due to lack of access, follow up with your teacher when we return to the building next week.

“Marion Community Schools was among several schools across the state that were sent an email that contained a bomb threat.

“Out of an abundance of caution, and on the advice of law enforcement, MCS chose to declare an e-learning day today, April 14, to provide time for an investigation to continue into these widespread threats.

“For anyone who cannot connect with their teachers (or whose teachers cannot reach out to them), students can follow up with their teachers regarding assignments when we return to the building next week.

“All extra-curricular events and practices are canceled for today, district-wide. At this time we believe Saturday’s events will be able to go on as scheduled.

“More details will be provided as we have them.”

Western Wayne Schools

“Western Wayne Schools will not be in session today April 14, 2023, due to a mass bomb threat received in the late hours of the evening via email. We will keep all of our families informed of any updates once they arrive.”

Western Wayne Schools

“During the early morning hours, Western Wayne Elementary received an email threatening the use of an explosive device. Similar emails were also sent across the state to other school corporations. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office along with the Cambridge City Indiana Police Department, the Fusion Center, Indiana State Police, and the FBI worked jointly to investigate its validity.

“At this point, we do not believe there is any danger to the public or our children. However, out of an abundance of caution, the school was closed and subsequently searched. The search of the school revealed no concerns. The investigation into the origin of the email is continuing.

“The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to the safety of our youth and will be providing extra attention to our area schools. We encourage our citizens to still be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

“Sheriff Randy Retter stated, ‘“’The safety of our community, especially our children, is our highest priority. This threat was handled swiftly and efficiently. I continue to be grateful for our strong relationships with our area law enforcement partners. It is vital that we work together to ensure the safety of our community during situations like the one presented today.’

“If there are any additional updates, you will find them on our new phone app, which can be downloaded at:

Wayne County Sheriff’s Office

Salem Schools

“Salem Families,

“Late last night we received an email containing a bomb threat. EW and WW did not receive this threat.

“Upon receipt our local and state police were notified. Our buildings and grounds have been searched.

“We also believe this threat is not credible however out of an abundance of caution Salem Community Schools will not be in session today, April 14, 2023.

“We will have an elearning day on May 5, 2023. We will not be sending the Prosser bus this morning.”

Fairfield Community Schools:

“At 11:00 p.m. Thursday evening, I received an email threatening the safety of our students and staff. The message specifically used a bomb threat inside one of our schools. Chief Garner and myself have been working with local law enforcement, and were just informed that Homeland Security is also investigating. Unfortunately, this threat was emailed to various school superintendents across the state of Indiana. As a precaution, we will be having an eLearning day on Friday, April 14th. All entrances to each of the buildings will be blocked off. No staff member, teacher, student, construction worker, or community member may be on any Fairfield school property until law enforcement clear the buildings for any possible threat. Chief Garner will be following law enforcement protocol as well as partnering with local law enforcement to ensure that all campuses are safe for the return of students and staff. We will also be sending the same correspondence via our school messaging system in the morning. We take the safety of our students, staff, and community very seriously and appreciate you partnering with us in this effort. I will be sending further correspondence on Friday to communicate updates regarding this issue.

Middlebury Community Schools

“At 10:50 pm Thursday evening, approximately 35 school districts around the state of Indiana, including Middlebury Community Schools, received a bomb threat via email.

“Throughout the night, MCS administrators and police swept all seven schools and found nothing suspicious. However, out of an abundance of caution MCS will have an E-Learning day on Friday, April 14.

“This will allow for continued communication with police and Homeland Security, and a second sweep of all facilities. Our seven schools are currently closed to everyone until cleared by law enforcement.

“As always, we must prioritize the safety of our students and staff. We will provide additional information as we can.”

Northwest Allen Schools:

“NACS issued an eLearning day today, Friday, April 14, as precaution to an alleged bomb threat.”

“We are working with law enforcement and public safety officials to ensure everyone’s safety. Other school districts in the state have received a similar threat. To our knowledge, we are the only district in the area to have receive the threat.”

“Great news NACS community–our buildings are all cleared to re-enter. Activities will resume as usual and schools may have details about evening/weekend activities for their respective buildings.”

Northwest Allen County Schools’ Facebook post at 12:59 p.m. Friday

Rising Sun-Ohio County Schools

“This morning, we received a phone call from Dispatch. They received a phone call from Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center notifying us that our district and a list of other Indiana schools (no other local schools) had the possibility of a bomb inside.

“The police are sweeping the buildings now and we have a canine unit coming soon to help. I’m sorry for the late call, but student safety is our number 1 priority. I will continue to notify via email and Facebook on the progress of the search.

“Teachers will be reaching out via Teams or Dojo for instructions on eLearning.”

Schools announcing closings Friday

  • Center Grove School Corp., closed.
  • Frankton-Lapel Community Schools, e-learning.
  • Lebanon Community Schools, e-learning.
  • Fairfield Community Schools, closed.
  • Middlebury Community Schools, e-learning.
  • Noblesville Schools, e-learning.
  • Northwest Allen County Schools, e-learning.
  • Oak Hill United School Corp., e-learning.
  • Rising Sun-Ohio County Schools.
  • Salem Schools, e-learning.
  • Shelby Eastern Schools, e-learning.
  • Shelbyville Central Schools, e-learning.
  • Shenandoah Schools, e-learning.
  • Speedway Schools, closed.
  • Southwestern Consolidated Schools, e-learning
  • Tipton Community School Corp., e-learning.
  • Western School Corp., eLearning.
  • Western Wayne Schools, closed.