Musician Mike Posner walking across America to inspire others to ‘seize the day’

Musician Mike Posner walking across America to inspire others to ‘seize the day’

INDIANAPOLIS — Famous musician Mike Posner spent Monday walking through Indianapolis
as part of his “Walk Across America” initiative. The purpose is to inspire others to ”seize the day.”

Posner started in Asbury, New Jersey and has been walking for 60 days. So far he’s walked more than 700 miles, and he plans to get to California by the end of the year. 

Roughly, Posner walks about 20 miles a day. 

He’s also posting his journey on social media and encouraging fans to walk with him. He also plays his music along the way, having what he calls “ninja shows.” Posner announces when he’ll be playing on social media, hoping fans will show up. 

He plays some of his older songs like “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” as well as songs from his new album, which inspired him to take a second look at life. 

“Making a bunch of money, flying around the world and I got a call that my dad had a tumor in his head the size of a tangerine and I needed to come home. So, I sold my house in Hollywood Hills, got rid of the sports car and I moved back to Detroit to basically help my dad die. The album is about that process and finding beauty underneath it all.” said Posner.

After his father’s death and the death of his friend and famous musician, Avicii, Posner realized life is…” now.” He says he’d been putting off this walk for about two years now, but the loss of his loved ones encouraged him to start it.

Posner plans to stop in Gary Tuesday. There’s also a map on his website that lists all of his stops. 


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