Neighbors in Brownsburg receive mysterious packages in postal scam

BROWNSBURG (WISH) — Brownsburg police are warning residents to watch out for mysterious packages on their doorsteps.

The packages are part of a scam. Police don’t think the blue and white powdery substance inside them is harmful but they’re telling neighbors to remain cautious.

Justin Adams with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service said the packages are not just appearing in Indiana but all over the country. He said it’s called a brushing scam.

“They send unsolicited packages to customers’ houses. Their intention on doing that is to give the impression that the recipient of the package is a verified buyer of the contents of that package. The reason they do that is later on they write a fake review in that customer’s name. It promotes the product. These fake reviews help to fraudulent boost and inflate the products ratings and sale numbers,” Adams said.

Adams said it’s not always a victimless crime.

“These scammers get personal information through false means and ill intentions. They use those for a number of scams to illicit activities in the future. What we also say is for customers to monitor financial accounts and change accounts password,” Adams said.

He said the Postal Inspections Service is working to stop these packages from appearing on doorsteps. Until they do stop them, he encourages neighbors to take protective measures.

“One thing we do ask is never pay for merchandise that is unsolicited. Another option is they can always return it to sender,” Adams said.

If anyone receives a mysterious package, police asked neighbors to call their office and make a report.


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