Neighbors want speed limit reduced in south side neighborhood

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Nearly 80 neighbors along South Sherman Drive are requesting the Indianapolis Department of Public Works to reduce the speed limit from 40 to 30 mph between Southport Road and Stop 11 Road.

Ashley Ernsting, a resident of the area, also asking the city to place a “sharp curve ahead” sign placed on the north end of Sherman Drive.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve slowed down just to turn into my driveway, people zoom around me, they blast their horn at me,” Ernsting said, who lives close to the Sherman/Southport Road intersection.

Sherman Drive is a popular short cut for those commuting between Southport Road and County Line Road.

Ernsting says at least two drivers have been killed since she has lived along this road.

“There was a jogger jogging down this road, got hit, didn’t make it as well,” she said.

In February of this year, a drive plowed through her neighbor’s fence and another hit a telephone poll in front of her yard.

“Please slow down, please be considerate, this is a residential area, please mind your speed,” Ernsting said.

She is also asking the city to post an officer along Sherman Drive to catch speeders.