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New breast imaging services at NWR Breast Center in Carmel

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A local healthcare network is continuing to commit to breast cancer services following new mammogram recommendations. Northwest Radiology Network has expanded its facilities to introduce the new NWR Breast Center in Carmel.

This new facility is designed to provide women with faster and more affordable breast imaging services than in hospitals.

“We offer a full range of services for women, from breast MRI to breast ultrasound. We use digital mammography with tomosynthesis, ensuring the highest quality of equipment and services to prioritize women’s healthcare,” said Linda Wilgus, executive director of Northwest Radiology Network.

The new facility aims to provide women with faster and more affordable breast imaging services compared to a hospital setting, potentially serving more women in need.

In May, a federal task force recommended that women begin getting mammograms every other year starting at age 40 rather than waiting until 50.

High-risk patients may require earlier and more intensive screening. Sharry Hemmingway, a patient with low risk but a family history of breast cancer, remains proactive about her health. During a routine MRI, doctors discovered something that required further investigation. Hemmingway expressed gratitude as subsequent tests, including an ultrasound and needle biopsy, showed negative results, providing her peace of mind.

“We conducted a needle biopsy and inserted a microchip at the site. This way, future imaging will indicate that the area has already been tested and is clear. Fortunately, my results returned negative, everything is benign, and I have the marker in place for future tests to confirm that everything is okay,” Hemmingway said.

Northwest Radiology Network is committed to price transparency, publishing information online so that women know the costs of tests before undergoing examinations.